Aims of the Federation

The International Federation of Comparative Endocrinological Societies (IFCES) is an umbrella organization whose primary function is to promote and advance research in comparative endocrinology, neuroendocrinology and neurobiology, and to facilitate the collaboration and exchange of ideas among scientists worldwide.

IFCES was formed in 1989 at the XI International Symposium on Comparative-Endocrinology, Malaga, Spain by an international group of comparative endocrinologists. The founding societies of IFCES are the Asia and Oceania Society for Comparative Endocrinology (AOSCE), the European Society for Comparative Endocrinology (ESCE), the Indian Society for Comparative Endocrinology (ISCE), the Japan Society for Comparative Endocrinology (JSCE), and the Division of Comparative Endocrinology of The Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology (SICB).  The North American Society of Comparative Endocrinology (NASCE) became a member of the IFCES in 2017 during the 18th International Congress of Comparative Endocrinology (ICCE18), Lake Louise, AB, Canada.

IFCES fosters the organization of international symposia, such as the International Congress of Comparative Endocrinology (ICCE), to occur normally on a quadrennial basis.  IFCES may undertake other activities, such as sponsorship of workshops or specialized symposia, as it deems appropriate.

Announcement of ICCE19

The 19th International Congress of Comparative Endocrinology (ICCE19) will take place June 21-25, 2021 at Sendai International Center, Sendai, Japan. 

News on upcoming meetings and workshops

September 6-10, 2020
30th Conference of European Comparative Endocrinologists (CECE)
Faro, Portugal

May, 2021
North American Society for Comparative Endocrinology Biennial Meeting
Queretaro, Mexico