History of the Federation

(including list of past meetings)

IFCES was formed in 1989 at the XI International Symposium of Comparative-Endocrinology (ISCE), Malaga, Spain by an international group of comparative endocrinologists from the Asia and Oceania Society for Comparative Endocrinology (AOSCE), the European Society for Comparative Endocrinology (ESCE), the Indian Society for Comparative Endocrinology (ISCE), the Japan Society for Comparative Endocrinology (JSCE), and the Division of Comparative Endocrinology of the American Society of Zoologists. As such, the first meeting under the auspice of IFCES took place in 1993 at the International Congress of Comparative Endocrinology (ICCE), Toronto, Canada.

Past ISCE/ICCE Meetings:

ISCE1 – July 12-16, 1954 (Liverpool, England)
LOC Chair: Ian Chester-Jones (University of Liverpool and University of Sheffield)

ISCE2 – May 25-29, 1959 (Cold Spring Harbour, New York, USA)
LOC Chair: Aubrey Gorbman (Columbia University and University of Washington)

ISCE3 – June 5-11, 1961 (Oiso, Japan)
LOC Chair: Kiyoshi Takewaki (University of Tokyo)

ISCE4 – July 20-26, 1964 (Paris, France)
LOC Chair: Louis Gallien (Université Pierre et Marie Curie)

ISCE5 – November 23-28, 1967 (Delhi, India)
LOC Chair: Malur Prasad (University of Delhi)

ISCE6 – June 13-19, 1971 (Banff, Canada)
LOC Co-Chairs: William Hoar (University of British Columbia) and Nancy Henderson (University of Calgary)

ISCE7 – June 28-July 7, 1974 (Tsavo National Park, Kenya)
LOC Co-Chairs: E.J.W Barrington (University of Nottingham) and Stephen Vinje

ISCE8 – June 19-23, 1978 (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
LOC Chair: Pieter J. Gaillard (State University Leiden)

ISCE9 – December 7-11, 1981 (Hong Kong, China)
LOC Chair: Brian Lofts (University of Hong Kong)

ISCE10 – July 21-26, 1985 (Copper Mountain, USA)
LOC Chair: Charles L. Ralph (Colorado State University)

ISCE11 – May 14-20, 1989 (Malaga, Spain)
LOC Chair: August Epple (Thomas Jefferson University)

ICCE12 – May 16-21, 1993 (Toronto, Canada)
LOC Chair: Kenneth G. Davey (York University)

ICCE13 – November 16-21, 1997 (Yokohama, Japan)
LOC Chair: Seiichiro Kawashima (University of Tokyo)

ICCE14 – May 26-30, 2001 (Sorrento, Italy)
LOC Chair: Riccardo Pierantoni (Second University of Naples)

ICCE15 – May 23-27, 2005 (Boston, USA)
LOC Co-Chairs: Ian P. Callard (Boston University), Stacia Sower (University of New Hampshire), Jennifer Specker (University of Rhode Island)

ICCE16 – June 22-26, 2009 (Hong Kong, China)
LOC Chair: Fred Leung (University of Hong Kong)

ICCE17 – July 15-19, 2013 (Barcelona, Spain)
LOC Chair: Joaquim Gutiérrez (University of Barcelona)
See the following articles for details regarding the 17th ICCE:
Gutiérrez, J., Capilla, E. and Navarro, I. (2014) Editorial – The special issue on the 17th International Congress of Comparative Endocrinology, (ICCE 2013). Gen. Comp. Endocrinol.

ICCE18 – June 4-9, 2017 (Lake Louise, Banff National Park, Canada)
LOC Chair: Hamid Habibi (University of Calgary)